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Creativity Coaching

What is Creativity Coaching? Or rather, what can Creativity Coaching do for you? It helps you create and make meaning. Eric Maisel, founder of Creativity Coaching, explains what Creativity Coaches do:  

“They investigate with their clients’ issues of blockage, self-doubt, anxiety, fear of failure, worries about mistakes, and the other process and personality issues that interfere with getting creative work done. They help creators deal with marketplace issues, career issues, issues of isolation and alienation, and the other issues that inevitably arise for people who have chosen to create. They cheerlead, listen, educate, respond, and help their creative clients get their work done and live in the real world.”

(quote from Eric Maisel’s Advanced Creativity Coaching Training Lessons)

Numerous people dream about creativity. They dream of creating no matter what, and sometimes this dream becomes reality, because they choose a creative profession – writer, actor, movie-maker, painter, musician, singer or even circus artist. Others do not get this chance or do not allow themselves this dream and keep creativity as a hobby. Some discard their dream of creativity and feel frustrated every single day of their life. So what about you, which one are you?

In 2017, I specialized in Creativity Coaching with Eric Maisel in the US. Eric is a novelist and writer of more than 50 books, a psychologist and family therapist and he is the founder of Creativity Coaching. He coaches creative people all around the world and teaches Creativity Coaching. This kind of coaching is very new and focuses entirely on giving the client the support he or she needs in connection to creativity. As a Creativity Coach, I help my clients deal with all issues that arise from creative work, be it as a professional or as an amateur.

Creativity Coaching can be extremely useful for anyone dealing with creative activities. Perhaps you are a professional artist or actor with creativity issues you would like to overcome? Perhaps you have doubts about your own creativity, about being talented enough? Or maybe you would like to write your memoirs but have this nagging little voice telling you ‘you’ll never get it done, because you’re no good at writing‘? Being guided by a creativity coach can only do one thing – get you going in your creativity project!

As a Creativity Coach, I will help you with creativity issues, for example: 

  • fear of the blank page
  • fear of success or failure in your creative activity
  • fear of being noticed and recognized as a creative person
  • fear of revealing your creative projects to family, friends, and to a wide audience
  • fear of being rejected because of your creativity
  • anxiety arising from a feeling of not being good enough (‘I know I could do better than this, I must make more efforts’)
  • fear of your inner critic that nags all the time (‘you really don’t know how to do anything, do you? you’re just an empty shell‘)
  • the impostor syndrom (‘I’m an impostor and people will see this eventually; I’m nothing and I just pretend I’m doing a great job‘)
  • lack of self-confidence (‘everybody does this better than me‘)
  • lack of self-esteem (‘I’m worthless‘)
  • the fear of giving yourself the praise and encouragement for your own talents (‘anybody could do this‘)

Many famous (and less famous) artists, such as singers and writers, find Creativity Coaching extremely useful in their creative work. It is my firm belief that they have never regretted being backed up and supported by a specialized coach. So why do you not have a go?!

There are solutions to your creative torments, so there is no reason whatsoever to remain inactive in your fears and anxiety. Creativity Coaching will be most useful for you in your creative life and projects. And do not worry about distances – we live in a global world and have access to wonderful tools!  So in case you do not live close by (in Lausanne, Switzerland), I can offer you coaching sessions through Skype. 

Interested? Do send me an e-mail with your query or call me up – you will find all the necessary information here.

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