Marina Berts

Du sens dans la vie et la vie dans tous les sens!

My name is Marina

I play the accordion and my passion is embroidery.

I imagine that is not enough for you, is it? Well, here I go then!

My name is Marina Berts. Growing up as a binational (Swiss-Finnish) citizen in Finland, I discovered the reality of multiculturalism, plurilingualism and many more -isms in this extraordinary and many faceted country. My life as a globetrotter has led me to visit and live in several countries, for example the UK, Spain, France, the Nordic countries and South America. Meeting people from all around the world has widened my horizon and has given me privileged access to cultures, languages and humane listening. 

I see myself as determined and sensitive, direct and honest, creative and full of energy, open-minded and possessing a natural curiosity that spurs me on to learn more about others and myself. As a holistic coach, I work with all human dimensions that are available to me in my work : the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions.

Working with humans and transmitting knowledge have always been essential to me, and this is why I have continuously been active in education and teaching.  For many years, I worked as a tutor, teacher and teacher trainer,  both in textile arts and education. Having arrived at a point in my life when I felt like certifying my skills in coaching, I started studying holistic coaching with Danielle Brault in 2015 and became a professional holistic coach in early 2017. In 2017, I studied Creativity Coaching with Eric Maisel in the US and completed his Creativity Coach Training. I am a member of ICF and have in mind to pass the Swiss Federal Diploma of Supervisor-Coach in a few years. 

For the moment, I live in Lausanne (Switzerland). I enjoy giving conferences, workshops and seminars on themes connected to coaching, giftedness and personal development. If you do not live near me, I can coach you through Skype. 





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