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The gifted in business

You might have a person in your company team that finds it difficult adapting to the team rhythm, being always a step beyond. Or perhaps as a HR manager, you see that an employee develops much energy around a project, gets completely involved in it, hands out many ideas and suggestions,  all of which might irritate everybody else? You are probably dealing with a gifted person.

You might be this person yourself, out of tune with your colleagues most of the time, thinking ‘but this is easy, why doesn’t anybody understand what I’m explaining?!’. Or perhaps you are getting bored with your job, because it is repetitive and presents no new challenge for you, after only 2 years of collaboration? This might indicate that you are  a gifted individual.

Whatever your situation might be – HR manager, employee or director – holistic coaching and systemics can be one solution to understanding the situation with gifted employees or team members. Sometimes, giftedness is seen as an obstacle to efficient communication and collaboration in a team, but it does not have to be this way. Each one of us has talents, and the trick is to find the best place in the company to develop these talents.  Everyone will benefit from a win-win situation, and that is where holistic coaching comes into the picture. I would be happy to discuss any issue related to giftedness with you and your company management. Please do not hesitate to contact me –  click here for my contact details.

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