Marina Berts

Du sens dans la vie et la vie dans tous les sens!


The system. Systemics, or systemic constellations, is a science that touches all human systems. As systemic constellations are used in many different disciplines and professions, ranging from coaching to therapy, it is difficult to give a specific definition of what it truly is. To keep it short, it is a study of human relationships. We are all part of different systems, for example the family system, the transgenerational system, our job environment system and the extremely complex system of all human beings as living beings, with intricate sub-systems. If we believe that our world is a system, we could say that systemics works with small elements of the ‘world system’, going from the smallest to the biggest. All of these elements are in connection with each other. Changing one tiny element in a system means that all other elements will also have to find a new place and they will move.

“Systemic Constellations are a method for revealing and re-aligning hidden loyalties in family, business, or other kinds of tightly bonded groups. Essentially, you have taken on, often without being aware of it, “assignments” to function in a certain way in the groups you belong to—especially in your family. Yet often these assignments are in conflict with your personal health or fulfillment. They serve as anchors — unseen sticking points — that prevent positive change. Constellations make these anchors visible. They provide the means to increase not only your personal well-being, but also that of your family or business as a whole.” (Michael Reddy)

In systemic constellations, concepts such as belonging to a group, family loyalty, transgenerational issues and the balance between giving and taking are important. 

As a holistic and systemic coach, I will use systemic constellation exercices in my coaching. Such exercices will allow my client to see which anchors are holding him or her back, and what can be done about it in order to make the necessary changes. Taking a step back to contemplate the system in which my client plays an important role is always beneficial in personal development and in the desire to change things in his or her life. Systemic constellations will also help my client to contact his or her vital energy and personal essence, both emotionally and physically. 


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