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Holistic coaching

Rather than answering the question ‘What is holistic coaching?‘, I would like to ask a question, ‘What can holistic coaching do for you?‘. Holistic coaching is a new dimension of coaching, a new approach to our worries, our blockages, our problems and to our personal development in general. 

Perhaps you know what job coaching is? When for example a senior manager finds himself in a position where he needs professional guidance, he will hire a job coach, a specialist in a specific field, who will help him find the right solutions for that particular problem in the company. A job coach provides specialized coaching in a specific professional situation, for a specific person in a leading corporate position.

Holistic coaching, on the contrary, goes directly to the roots of what we as human beings truly are. Holistic coaching will touch that which we are built of – our values, our emotions, our fears, our personal views, our beliefs and our resistances. It will entice you out of the habit of relying on your comfort zone. Working on all these profound aspects will have a deep impact on everything that goes on in your life, be it your job situation or your personal life. So holistic coaching offers something else than just touching the surface and modelling your behaviour. It incites us to go directly to deeper levels of our consciousness and unconsciousness, in order to find the best solutions for us in a specific moment. This new approach of coaching will take your whole being into account, just as you are, and not only a part of you.

The global approach of holistic coaching is based on the four dimensions of the human being:

  • the physical dimension
  • the emotional dimension
  • the intellectual dimension
  • the spiritual dimension

Does this seem far-fetched to you? And still, I am sure you agree with me that as human beings, we are not only rational beings. We have a physical body, we feel emotions, we can think rationally, we have moral values and we have faith in things that go beyond us. We are holistic entities, beings composed by many different parts, forming a whole. So far, coaching has been focused mainly on professional aspects of society. Today, coaching is opening up to new horizons, to new experiences and to a new approach of what coaching can do.

Now you see that the holistic approach of holistic coaching can be used in any life situation. This type of coaching allows you to make a deep personal development that will have an important impact both on your professional situation and on your personal life. Holistic coaching is closely connected to systemics and constellations: we belong to different systems, for example the family system, and we play an important part in all systems. If you move one person or element in a given system, all the others will also move and have to find new places and new roles. It is like Mikado – moving one stick will almost automatically and in the long run move another one.

So, how does it work? In holistic coaching, you will be invited to do certain exercices that will touch your deepest emotions and values. Be it a personal or professional problem, holistic coaching will always go to the root of your dilemma, your beliefs, your personal habits, your values and principles, your emotions and feelings. Holistic coaching will make you go forward with the essential things in your life while respecting your personality and situation. You are the true master of your life, and only you know what is right for you at a given moment. You decide when you move and where you go.

Holistic coaching is not a therapy, nor counselling or mentorship. As a holistic coach, I will accompany you on a fascinating journey in your own personal development. Through holistic coaching, you will gain in self-knowledge and will be able to go forward with deep life-changing transformations and self-awareness.


All is possible!


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