Marina Berts

Du sens dans la vie et la vie dans tous les sens!


You might feel like doing many jobs in your life, and it can be difficult for you to choose one, and one only, for the rest of your life. Perhaps you need new challenges all the time, and it is vital for you to learn new things while doing your job? You are not satisfied with running in your hamster wheel, like others might do, and perhaps you lose sleep over peccadilles and think ‘too much’? Almost everything interests you and you can link things together, even though they do not seem to have anything in common? You certainly find it difficult to settle down into one job and the idea to do the same thing for 40 years scares you to death? If you have answered ‘yes’ to almost all these questions, you are probably a multipotential person. 

Being multipotential does not mean that you have a high IQ or that you are not normal. It just shows that you are able to combine many different things together and that entering a routine does not give you satisfaction, be it professionally or personally. A multipotential person always wants to learn more and link things together. She or he might want to explore different jobs and fields of interest, and might be seen as an unstable person by others. 

Holistic coaching can help you discover your true potentials and accept them as they are – multiple, beautiful and diversified. Multipotentiality is a great strength for those who know how to use it, so there is no need to suffer from the one and unique road that is presented to you as the best. Through holistic coaching, you will discover your own resources and how you can use them wisely and proficiently.

Curious about how holistic coaching can make you more conscious of your multipotentiality and accept it as something positive? Contact me today, and together, we will dig out the important resources that you have but that are somewhat hidden for the moment! 

Remaining centred


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