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High sensitivity

If you are reading this, you might be familiar with this:

  • ‘You really are too sensitive!’
  • ‘You just imagine things – you can’t feel that label, it’s as soft as a feather!’
  • ‘No, the sound is just normal here in the pub, it’s not noisy at all. Really, your nagging about the sound really goes on my nerves!’

Yes, you do recognize this, do you not? If you do, you are probably a highly sensitive person.

Highly sensitive persons are often confronted with specific problems connected to everyday life. Their problems are generally not accepted nor understood by those who are not highly sensitive. High sensitivity concerns all aspects of everyday life: light, sound, changes in temperature and drafts, physical perceptions such as fabric against the skin,  and sensing other people’s feelings, moods and emotions. High sensitivity is not an illness. It is a normal trait present in about 15-20% of the whole world population, and it is innate. If you are highly sensitive, you are more easily overwhelmed than others, and you are more aware of subtleties. Elaine Aron, a specialist in high sensitivity, has written much on this trait, and I can only recommend that you read what she has written on the subject. 

If your high sensitivity causes you certain problems, it is important to discover what routines in your everyday life can be altered in order to make life easier for you. Holistic coaching can give you clues on how to manage this special trait and how others around you can come to understand what you are experiencing and take this into consideration.

Being highly sensitive myself, I feel comfortable guiding other highly sensitive individuals in developing their own resources and solutions. It might be difficult for a coach who is not highly sensitive (hs) to understand the challenges that a hs person is facing, and that is why I believe I am the right coach for any highly sensitive person. Having a deep understanding of what it means to be highly sensitive is something extremely valuable in my work.

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Développer et comprendre mes sens
Understand and develop my high sensitivity


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