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Gifted persons, or persons with a high potential (high IQ), are often confronted with recurrent problems in their lives. It might be a question of feeling out of tune with everybody else, or being very fast in comparison to others, which might cause jealousy or irritation in others. Gifted people are most of the time very highly sensitive, and they also experience a endless surge to learn and understand world matters. Paradoxically, they are sometimes incapable of understanding or accepting non-written rules, such as the respect of hierarchy or other social codes. Most of the time, for non-gifted persons, gifted individuals represent a problem to society, because they are ‘different’. So the gifted person will learn to see himself or herself as not normal and different, and that being a highly sensitive person is a poison to all others. This is why the gifted person will quite often feel rejected, cast away and abnormal. In order to be liked and accepted by his or her peers, he or she will make all kinds of efforts to ‘blend in’, often without much success. The gifted child or adult will easily become the prey of the manipulator since they will do almost anything to be accepted and appreciated.

Being gifted (having an IQ higher than 130) is not a serious illness, nor is it something that can be cured. Are you suffering from your giftedness, just like most of the gifted community? Let me tell you this: you are beautiful, a wonderful person, certainly misunderstood but possessing an amazing potential that you are still to discover. Have you heard of H. Ch. Andersen’s story of the ugly duckling? If not, you can find it here (Walt Disney version). If you know who you are, what you are and what you can truly do, it will be easier for you to find a balance in your life. You will also be capable of moving around with people that are not gifted, like you, and you will be much more at ease with yourself and others most of the time. If you respect yourself by accepting you as you are, you can change your difference into a strength. You will be empowered and feel free from certains fears and anxiety that torment you today.

Holistic coaching is, according to me anyway, the most efficient way to learn the right questions to ask you in order to find the right answer for you. You are unique – your giftedness is unique and it is important that you find personal solutions for you, without thinking that the solutions others might give you will work for you, too. Holistic coaching is one of the important and essential keys to a better life as a gifted person.

Being gifted myself, I feel comfortable guiding other gifted individuals in developing their resources. It might be difficult for a non-gifted coach to understand the challenges that a gifted person is facing, and that is why I believe I am the right coach for any gifted person. Having a deep understanding of giftedness is something extremely valuable in my work with gifted adults. So if you are suffering from your giftedness, perhaps it is time to transform your feelings of despair and victimization into understanding who you are in order to empower yourself and using your hidden talents and potential. Go on, contacting me will not hurt you and it is free! Click here for contact details!


Feeling different

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