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Are you a professional in the creative world? Actor, writer, artist, dancer?

Whatever your creative activity is, perhaps you suffer from recurrent issues, such as stage fright, fear of the blank page, fear of not being good enough in your paintings, fear of being criticized? If you recoginze something on this list, you should know that there are solutions just right for you with holistic and creativity coaching!


Amateur artist? Love dancing, writing, acting as a hobby?

Sometimes we just love creating because it is important to us, without it having to be a professional thing. Perhaps you long to write a novel or short stories, to paint a beautiful scenery, or create a fantasy statue using combined techniques? The problem is that you do not know where to begin? And you always find excuses not to get it going: there is the dog to walk, the garden to tend to, telephones to make to friends and family, your favourite soap opera to watch on TV…. or perhaps you just do not think that you are capable of creativity. 


You would like to do something creative but do not have a clue where to start?

You keep telling yourself that you are not creative, and perhaps people around you tell you the same. And still, your fingers are itching, the words stumble out and frustrate you because they are never written down? Holistic and Creativity coaching will guide you to a better understanding of what your creativity is and how you can use it. By taking baby-steps, you will create more meaning in your life and creativity. Working towards a specific goal will encourage you to gain access to hidden or forgotten personal resources. 

In 2017, I specialized in Creativity Coaching with Eric Maisel in the US. Eric is a novelist and writer of more than 50 books, a psychologist and family therapist and he is the founder of Creativity Coaching. He coaches creative people all around the world and teaches Creativity Coaching. This kind of coaching is very new and focuses entirely on giving the client the support he or she needs in connection to creativity. As a Creativity Coach, I help my clients deal with all issues that arise from creative work, be it as a professional or as an amateur.

As a Creativity Coach, I will help you with creativity issues, for example: 

  • fear of the blank page
  • fear of success or failure in your creative activity
  • fear of being noticed and recognized as a creative person
  • fear of revealing your creative projects to family, friends, and to a wide audience
  • fear of being rejected because of your creativity
  • feeling ‘frozen’ and unable to move ahead
  • anxiety arising from a feeling of not being good enough (‘I know I could do better than this, I must make more efforts’)
  • fear of your inner critic that nags all the time (‘you really don’t know how to do anything, do you? you’re just an empty shell‘)
  • the impostor syndrom (‘I’m an impostor and people will see this eventually; I’m nothing and I just pretend I’m doing a great job‘)
  • lack of self-confidence (‘everybody does this better than me‘)
  • lack of self-esteem (‘I’m worthless‘)
  • the fear of giving yourself the praise and encouragement for your own talents (‘anybody could do this‘)

If you wish to have a peek at my creative projects, have a look at my other website and check out my Facebook page.

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