Marina Berts

Du sens dans la vie et la vie dans tous les sens!

Personal development

We all live through difficult life situations, both professionally and personally. Sometimes conflicts develop between us and our collegues or family members, and we do not understand the reason why. Sometimes we find ourselves emotionally involved in situations we do not control, and we do not know how to deal with them. Sometimes we even get lost in the mist of life and do not know how to get out of that  opaque haze. In these situations, we are incapable of moving forward, standing in a dead-end, desperate to find a way out.

Using holistic coaching and systemics, I will help and guide you in all your questions and thoughts, and together we will walk towards personalized solutions for you. You will find new access to your own resources in difficult situations and you will enhance well-being in your everyday life. As a holistic coach, I will take all of you into account, all your human dimensions – physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual – and not only certain aspects of you. These four dimensions are vital in any personal development, and if you work with them hand in hand, you will advance towards personal solutions in most situations. As your coach, I will guide you towards your goal in a creative and imaginative manner, expressing joy, playfulness, goodwill and non-judgment.

You are the true specialist of your own life, and as your coach, I will walk with you towards the goal you have set yourself. I am only a catalyzer that will allow things to happen, but it is you who will take the responsibility to proceed to the actions needed in your personal situation. With a little poke from me, your coach, you will be able to find the energy to make things move in the desired direction. You probably already know what solutions are best for you, but you will perhaps need a coach to trigger the decisions off. Have a go and see for yourself! 

Climbing higher

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