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Book Fair in Geneva

From Wednesday 25th to Sunday 29th April 2018 I was at the Geneva Annual Book Fair to talk about my job as a Creativity Coach and also to present my new book, Le Petit Hérissé. My husband Jose Cao Novelle and I were sharing a stall. He presented his fantasy trilogy Monthortal as well as his latest psychological novel ‘Feu Vert’ (in French). You can check out his website here

Creativity Coaching was not the only thing I talked about at the Book Fair in Geneva. As mentioned, I introduced my first illustrated book ‘Je me sens différent’ (‘I feel different’) in the series Le Petit Hérissé. This book is an illustrated introduction to what it is like to feel different. You will discover many every day situations where the Petit Hérissé feels out of tune and different. Sometimes s-he feels ‘too much’ and at other times ‘too little’, never quite sufficient or ok. There seems to be a huge gap between the Petit Hérissé and others. The illustrations are simple but very expressive, full of fun and deep thoughts. You can buy the book on Amazon (in French), and I sell signed ccopies of Le Petit Hérissé. There will be a Swedish translation coming (probably next Spring) and after that an English version, if all goes well. At the moment, I am working on two new illustrated books, the next one will be called ‘Je suis différent.e: la maternité’ (‘I am different: maternity), and the other will treat the problem of feeling different at work and not being able to fit in anywhere. I hope to translate both these books to Swedish and English. 

Thank you to all my friends and acquaintances that came to the Geneva Annual Book Fair! Your support is invaluable and it is always encouraging to get your feedback. 

If you wish to to know more about Le Petit Hérissé or if you are an editor who would like to publish the English version of Le Petit Hérissé, do not hesitate to contact me by clicking here!

Le Petit Hérissé
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