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My coaching approach

Interested in being coached on a specific problem? With much joy, high professionalism and creative energy, I will give you support in your personal development, helping you to access your hidden resources and to discover the personal solutions that are right for you. I specialize in high sensitivity, giftedness and creativity, so if you are concerned with any of these, I am the right coach for you. And even though you do not have any specific interest in those, you might still want to have a creative coach who will spur you on in a positive and energetic way, giving you all the chances to deal with whatever confusion that clouds your mind.

In my coaching practice, YOU and your worries are at the centre of the activities. Being your coach means that I will be like a catalyzer, helping you to find your own resources and personal solutions, rather than acting as a counsellor who will give you ready-made solutions. During the coaching sessions, you will do different exercices to explore the strength of your inner self. I will motivate you to achieve your potential in the area that you wish to improve and to deal with the problems that are present. At the end of the coaching, you will be fully equipped to take action to make things change. Remember, you are the true and only expert of your life! You are responsible for the outcome of the coaching procedure since you are the only personal to know what is right for you in your situation. As a holistic coach, I am in charge of the coaching process.

My coaching approach is holistic. This means that I will coach you as you are, with everything that you bring without excluding anything at all. I will use different tools to coach you: creative exercices, games, metaphores and brainstorming are all part of my practice. Naturally, I will ask you ‘difficult’ questions, questions that will make you step out of your comfort zone. The diversity of my coaching and playful approach will give birth to new ideas and possibilities in my coachee. Even the craziest and most audacious ideas can be extremely useful to make us move ahead. My coaching approach is to walk side by side with my client in a creative and playful manner, without boundaries or have-to’s. Together, we will work towards your goal with respect, trust, curiosity and confidentiality. If you are looking for profound, personal and powerful coaching, holistic coaching is just right for you! I will invite you to walk new paths perfectly adapted to you and your personality. 

To sum up all of this, here is what my coaching practice is all about:

  • Through subtle listening, trust, respect and confidentiality, I will accompany my client in all his or her worries and wish for change 

  • Through a creative and playful coaching approach, I will encourage my client to find personal solutions

  • By walking side by side with my client towards a specific goal eyes wide open, I will spur my coachee to a better understanding of himself or herself and to an acceptance of practical actions leading to materialized personal solutions

  • Through my holistic and systemic coaching approach, I will accompany my client globally, respecting his or her integrity, deep convictions and personality, all in a creative and innovative manner


The holistic and systemic coaching approach suits everybody. Indeed, this type of coaching will take all of your dimensions into account – your emotions, your physical body, your intellect and your deep values and spiritual beliefs. If it is ok for you to be coached globally and holistically, nothing will be missed during a coaching session. Holistic and systemic coaching will help you discover who you are, what your problem finally is all about and you will step into action instead of remaining paralyzed in procrastination. You will discover how encouraging and invigorating change is, and you will probably want to come back for more coaching whenever your mind turns into an overcast sky.

If you think that holistic and systemic coaching is the right solution for you, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information. The first contact session is free of charge and non-binding. Click here!


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