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When I speak about holistic coaching and what it can offer, people often ask me the same questions. This is the reason why I find that a FAQ page is useful. So have a look – I am sure you will find all the answers to your questions!

What is holistic coaching? You will find a very good answer here.  

What is systemics? Click here and you will find an explanation.

How much does holistic coaching cost? The first session is free of charge, because it allows both coach and coachee to find out if they are ready to engage in a coaching relation. If you feel that I am not the right coach for you, you are free to decline any further sessions. If you wish to start with holistic coaching, you will sign a contract for at least 3 sessions (maximum 10 on the same goal). In this case, each session costs CHF 150.- (Swiss fee). If you wish to take coaching sessions only every now and then without regularity, the fee is CHF 150.- per hour. If you live abroad, please contact me to learn more about Skype sessions and fees outside Switzerland.

How do I pay for coaching sessions? The first three (3) coaching sessions are paid in advance, either through e-banking or cash at the beginning of the first session. If you come for more than three (3) sessions, you may also pay cash after each session, or make a payment through your e-banking system.

Is holistic coaching paid for by my health insurance? Generally, coaching is not re-imbursed by any health insurance. Please check with your insurance before you start with the coaching sessions.

If I fall ill and I have to miss an appointment, what should I do? You need to cancel your coaching session at least 48 hours in advance if you cannot come. If you cancel later, you will still have to pay the coaching session fee. If you are ill or have an accident, you should send me a medical certificate that clearly says that you were unable to come. In that case, no fee will be asked. 

How mych time does a coaching session take? Generally, a holistic coaching session lasts between 1 hour and 90 minutes, depending on the exercices that we do. 

Is holistic coaching a specific kind of therapy? No, holistic coaching is not therapy and does not replace any medical treatment you might need. Coaching is a way to have access to an important personal development. A person might want to start with personal development in order to overcome blockages and behavior patterns he or she might be stuck in and that prevent him or her from progressing in life. 

Who is responsible for the result after a series of coaching sessions? The coach is accountable for the coaching process. As a holistic coach, I will guide you and walk with you in all the exercices that we do together, and I will ask the right questions to make you advance in your blockage or problem. It is the coachee who is responsible for the result. You will set an objective the first time we meet and it is up to you to reach that goal. You are the expert of your own life, and only you will find the right solutions for you in that specific situation. As a coach, I will only be a catalyzer and not the one to give you all the answers you might need. You have all the necessary resources to find the best solutions, and I only facilitate the access to those resources.

What happens during a coaching session? The first time we meet we will get to know each other a little, to see whether we want to initiate a series of coaching session. This meeting is free of charge. If you feel that I am not the right coach for you, you may say so. But if you would like to start with holistic coaching, we will fix an appointment for the first session. Each session takes about 1 hour to 90 minutes. During the sessions, we will discuss your situation but not only: I will suggest certain exercices, adequate for such and such issue, exercices that will spur you on to find new and creative ways of thinking and pondering your situation. We do this in a playful and creative way, sometimes with drawings, sometimes with photos, games and physical exercices. It is really simple: you just trust me and let you be guided!

Do I have to ‘work’ on things between sessions? Will I be given homework to do? There is no homework, but you will decide upon actions that you will do (or try to do) between sessions. Some serious thinking about your issue and possible solutions is also important as is an action in itself. It is you as coachee that will decide what you feel like doing and how far you can go in certain actions. Naturally, if you really make efforts to advance in your blockage or problem, you will achieve a greater result than if you decide to remain passive and do nothing. As a coach, I cannot act for you, nor make decisions in your place. 

Is it important to feel confident with my coach?  Yes of course! It is vital that both coach and coachee feel comfortable in the coaching relationship and that there is no judgment nor interfering factors such as biased interpretations. You come as you are, and we will dig into that, and that is absolutely fascinating, as you certainly will notice. If there is confidence between both parties, the result will be much more palpable in very little time. On the contrary, if the coachee does not entirely trust the coach (or vice versa), the coaching result will be meager. As I said, it is vital that the coaching relationship evolves in a non-judgmental space, allowing for fears, doubts, joys, anger, frustration, superstition, sadness and much more to come to the surface. 

Can you guarantee absolute confidentiality?  Of course I can. I am a professional coach and guarantee total confidentiality of all our discussions by following the ethical code of conduct of ICF. What we do and say during our coaching sessions will remain between us, unless the law forces me to reveal certain details or if you give me permission to do so. You can read more about my deontology here

I need advice on how to do things, will you give me some? Being a coach, I will ask you many questions about your situations, and through your answers and the exercices we will be doing, you will find your own solutions and necessary resources to give yourself advice. This is hard to do on your own, that is why the help of a coach is essential. Sometimes, always with your permission, I can make suggestions or tell you what I would do in your situation, but you are not obliged to believe me or do as I say. You decide what is best for you!

Is it really necessary to work towards a goal during the coaching sessions? Yes indeed, it is very important to have a clear objective that you would like to attain or get closer to. If you were to go somewhere, you need to know where you are going before starting the car. If you do not, you will probably drive around, getting stuck in the roundabouts not knowing where to get out. With coaching, it is exactly the same. You determine where you want to go and what you want to achieve during our first meeting (or even before). In case you are not quite sure of what objective to choose, we will work on that together to find out what you really want and I will accompany you towards that goal. It is important to know that the first objective can develop into something else during the coaching period. It happens all the time, so do not worry too much about that.

Will the coaching result be visible immediately? Sometimes there are results almost immediately, and the coachee attains his primary goal after a few sessions. It all depends on the goal, if it is short-term or not. Sometimes, it takes much more time to get to the final objective, since there are intermediate steps that you need to make, and they might take time to put in place. With holistic coaching, there are always results and big changes, and these might come along whatever your initial goal was.

Will I reach my goal when the coaching sessions are over? Personal and professional development takes time, and it is important for you to take that time for change. Certain goals that are more long term will take more time to become reality. In this case, you will develop strategies to allow change, even after the coaching ends. Sometimes the goal is direct and short term and easier to reach. In this case, three to five sessions will be enough for you to get to your goal. Whatever your goal is, holistic coaching will always bring changes to the coachee : once he or she sets things rolling, many other things will start to move, too. And that is exactly what you want with coaching – to set things rolling and change things that you are not satisfied with!

Do you have other questions? Please do not hesitate to send me your queries and questions. You can contact me by clicking here



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