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Women in business

Are you the director of your own company or working in solo as entrepreneur? Perhaps you sometimes have doubts about your professionalism, or you might be unsure about how to combine your own ideals with the current marketplace? Sometimes, women entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed by fears and doubts in a business world dominated by masculine values, situation that can produce uncertainty and indecisiveness. You do not feel like discussing it with anybody in your company, nor with friends and family. In this case, I am the right person to coach you! We can meet for coaching sessions at your own rhythm, once a month for example, and deal with your needs, wishes and convictions, your values, fears and doubts. I will guide you to find your own solutions and will help you advance in your personal and professional development.

Women in business, especially women managers and directors, as well as women entrepreneurs are often confronted with gender stereotypes and demeaning attitudes. This might undermine the woman’s confidence and install doubts as to whether she really is qualified enough for the job. She might think ‘Am I really good enough?‘, and at a certain point, she might even lose her sleep, grow aggressive or constantly feel under pressure, feeling that there is never enough of her for everything. 

If this is the case with you, I would like you to know that holistic coaching can do wonders in your situation. This is a question of regaining your self-confidence, and the sooner you get to grips with it, the better. So get in touch with me immediately by clicking here for my contact details! Together, we will analyze your situation and determine your goal, and together, we will advance towards the best solution for you in your situation. Our first coaching session is free.

Membres of the Swiss association Femmes PME Suisse romande are liable to a 10% discount on the first three coaching sessions.

Let’s take off!


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