Marina Berts

Du sens dans la vie et la vie dans tous les sens!

Building your business?

Whether you are thinking of building your own business or becoming self-employed, you might feel uneasy about the challenges that lie ahead. This is an excellent opportunity to explore your resources and what you truly want with your life and work, and this can be done through holistic coaching. Together, we will work on what is important to you in your current situation in order to free the very important resources that you need in the coming challenges.

I am available to guide and support you with holistic coaching all along the process of creating your own business or your self-employed activities, and even after you have completed this crucial stage, if you so wish. Having myself experienced what building my own business is, I will lead you to the right questions to ask yourself and to all the things that might be of importance in your personal situation. You will build your success by knowing who you are, what you want and how to get it. Together, we will work on finding this out!





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